The Art of Norma Boeckler


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      "Swallowtail Iris "Imperial Rose"

Norma Boeckler
is a native of Midland, Michigan, (USA) a
mixed-media artist,aurhor
and illustrator.


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The Art of Norma Boeckler

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    Note cards are available of all the art shown on my website. 5-pack @ $8.00, not including shipping.
"Monarch in the Morning"
"Colorful Leaves"
"Yellow Daisies"
My paintings
are in several
private collections
throughout the
United States,
the Netherlands,
Japan and Australia.
My work has been
in many juried shows
throughout Michigan
and has won
many awards.
"Wild Bloodroot"
"Delight Peony"
In 1996 my artwork
was exhibited in
Tokushima, Japan at
the Tokushima
Cultural Center and the
Awa-No-Sato Gallery.
"The Bluebirds are Back"
In 2004 my artwork
was on display in a
one-artist show at
Box Hill Community
Arts Centre in
Victoria, Australia.


Creativity is God's
gift to us, using our
creativity is our
gift back to God.

New work to come

See below.

The latest new artwork!

The Lilies of Sadona
was inspired from
a snapshot taken in
Sadona, Arizona.

The butterfly is from
another snapshot taken
at Mackinaw Island.

The colorful painting
with fall leaves was
inspired from the
lowlands near my
house by the river.


The poppy
is one
of my favorite
flowers that
grows in the front
yard garden.

Butterflies of all
varieties visit the
garden and I did
this whimsical
version for fun.

Picking flowers and
doing arrangements
has always been a
high priority on
my hobby list.


"Pears and Paisley"
a watercolor was accepted
in juried shows online
and in the Saginaw State
of the Arts in
Saginaw, Michigan 2008.

"Things from Japan"
a watercolor painting
was inspired by
my trip to Japan
where I was given
this kimono
as a gift from
one of the families
I stay wirh when
displaying my artwork
at the Tokashima
Cultural Center.
Gicl'ee prints matted
in white are available.
(size 18 X 26)



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Norma Boeckler.

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