Gallery III
Note Cards, Birds and Flowers *

The note cards are
done in pen & ink
printed on
note card stock.

"Goldfinch & Thistle"
They can be
purchased with
scripture verses
from the KJV
Bible or without.
"The Blue Jay"
"The Eagles"
"The Pheasants"
The pen & ink
illustrations were
done for a
new book "Jesus
Lord of Creation."
"Hen & Chicks"
"The Mustard Seed"
Please check the
link to see some
of the pen and
ink drawings
already online.

Note cards come
inpacks of
five(4.25 X 5.50)
inches with envelopes.
The note cards in
this gallery can be
purchased in
color too.

All artwork
on this website
can be purchased
as note cards.

*All note cards
are $8.00
a pack plus
shipping & handling.
The book "Jesus Lord
of Creation" has been
printed with many
of the above pen
& ink drawings. It's a
wonderful inspirational
book written by
Dr. Gregory L. Jackson
of Bella Vista, Arkansas
and is available from
this website.

$12 plus shipping
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